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World of Tanks - Gaminate Shaker

World of Tanks - Gaminate Shaker

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The World of Tank Shaker 500ml is a stylish and compact shaker with a strainer that facilitates thorough mixing of the supplement. The shaker has a black body and a black lid.

The shaker fits perfectly in the hand and looks good. We hope it fits perfectly with your gaming accessories. Its highest quality guarantees that it will serve you for many years

What is Gaminate?
Gaminate was created as an alternative to energy drinks and coffee. If you're feeling sluggish and coffee or energy drinks aren't your things, then why not try a 100% vegan and sugar-free supplement?

Your Fuel For Victory
Gaminate's powdered supplements can increase your concentration, focus, and hydration, depending on your metabolism, and you won't experience the 'sugar crash' after consumption.

Not Your Average Supplement
Gaminate is a powdered supplement that produces a 0.5 L once water is added. It packs greater weight servings than regular energy drinks.

Product Benefits

  • Official World of Tanks Product
  • 500ml capacity

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